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January 2018

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Who is VivoPower?

Rahim Chunara

Find out how Arowana through VivoPower is playing its part in clean energy sector globally.

Who is VivoPower? (part 4 of 4)




Carl Weatherley-White: We are fast growing. We’re profitable. We recycle our profits into growing our company. That’s a very different business than manufacturing equipment and selling it for a margin. It’s also a very different business owning assets for a long-term steady return.

Rahim Chunara: Arowana has always been an Australian-focused investment firm but with a global mindset and so we identified VivoPower as an opportunity after looking at the rest of the world and how we could bring technologies and ideas that are taking shape globally and kind of really taking advantage of them in the local market.

Carl Weatherley-White: Many solar panel manufacturers, develop projects so they can sell their panels to those projects. So, they’re doing it to support their manufacturing business. On the other end of the spectrum, you have utilities whose business is owning power plants they get into the development business so they can capture a pipeline. We’re right focused on developing projects. So, we are pure play developer, there aren’t many investment opportunities like that.

Rahim Chunara: Once a solar power plant is built there’s not a lot of costs, not a lot of effort to keep it running. It’s all kind of upfront capital expenditure.

Tony Seba: When we build this new infrastructure, which is only one to two percent of the world right now. Essentially, we’re creating a new internet with the internet of energy. Which is going to be much more exciting than anything that Silicon Valley has done so far.

Carl Weatherley-White: We’re at a tipping point in the industry, we have an extremely talented and experienced team. I believe we’ve got a very solid business plan and we aim to capture the profits from this exponential growth that is about to happen in the production of solar energy for industrial commercial and residential users.


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