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December 2020

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DDLS Plus offers students a continuous blended learning experience

Michael Hui

Learning and development is a key part of any career, and the isolation period that defined much of 2020 brought virtual training to the forefront.

DDLS – the ITC division of our education platform EdventureCo – took this opportunity to offer its students a continuing education experience, and recently launched their new online learning platform, DDLS Plus.

Before now, DDLS had a nearly 3-decade history delivering premium face-to-face training, both in person and virtually. With DDLS Plus, students who complete a course in one of 3 areas – Cloud Computing, IT Service Management & DevOps, and Cypersecurity – can continue their training online for at least another 12 months.

‘Typically students approach DDLS for IT technical training courses which run for between 3–5 days,’ said Jon Lang, DDLS CEO. ‘On many occasions, these students might only return to complete more training 6–12 months later. With technology evolving at such a rapid rate and so many organisations now being forced to fast-track their digital transformation journeys, IT skills training needs to be at the fingertips of employees 24/7.’

The DDLS Plus platform boasts 6 key features, including:

Future releases will enable instructors to engage directly with students, replicating the face-to-face experience.

The format gives students the autonomy to fill in any knowledge gaps from home at their own pace. It’s also tailored to participants’ needs, which helps prepare them for future courses and certifications.

‘Learning should be continuous and on demand,’ Lang added. ‘DDLS Plus provides us with a new medium to bring this continuous learning mantra to life, and provides customers the best of instructor-led training along with the flexibility of online learning.’

During the COVID-19 pandemic, DDLS has seen requests for blended learning – which mixes online training with traditional classroom teaching – more than double. They are committed to meeting this demand, to help both:

The tailored nature of this training means that if an employee has just completed a course in Microsoft Azure, they will receive relevant cloud computing courses to build on what they have just learned – ultimately maximising both the organisation’s investment and the student’s outcomes