"If you're not riding the wave of
change, you'll find yourself beneath it."

What you'll learn in this report:

Practical use cases for SMEs to test the waters with artificial intelligence (AI)

As AI becomes increasingly accessible to SMEs, it will shift from a competitive advantage to standard practice. Discover practical applications for AI that could help your business streamline processes.

How to apply neuroscience research to future-proof your organisation

Learn how organisations can leverage neuroscience research to help employees exhibit greater resilience and emotional intelligence.

How people analytics stands to transform recruitment

Learn how improvements in people analytics will support organisations in identifying, recruiting and retaining top talent.

Why many SMEs are adopting adaptive work environments

Learn what the future workplace environment entails and how this will translate to greater employee productivity, satisfaction and team cohesiveness.


Here’s what some of our partners have to say:

“Experience gained with Arowana has allowed me to have my own company and see it grow at double digit growth.

Michael Hokin, Director, Aevitas Group Limited

“I am grateful for the ongoing support we receive from team Arowana. Each one of you have been poised and ready to drop things and step in to help us. Having this kind of support will make such a big difference in how we shape EdventureCo, and set it up for success. We look forward to continuing to leverage your expertise as we build a platform for growth in the education portfolio.”

Sean Steele, CEO of EdventureCo

About the Author:

Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin has successfully started, bought, built, operated and sold businesses across industries including software, education, funds management and solar power. He has IPOed 5 businesses in the last 10 years in Australia and New Zealand, as well as on NASDAQ.

Kevin's primary strategic and operational expertise includes the art of scaling up businesses (in particular navigating growing pains issues and inflection points for enterprises experiencing exponential rates of growth) and leading companies through distressed and turnaround situations.

With extensive experience in “hands on” strategic and operational management in the SME / emerging companies space, Kevin has served as CEO, CFO and COO of various companies across a range of industries.

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