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Andrew McLeod

Director, Digital Technology

Andrew McLeod

It’s not in Andrew McLeod’s DNA to shy away from a challenge, in fact Andrew lives his life by the ethos, “Hard choices make us wiser, smarter, stronger and wealthier; while easy choices reverse that progress”.

Andrew’s career has been entrenched in the IT sector, with his first foray into the business world at age fifteen where he developed his own internet service provider. He continued on to create a start-up, which he scaled into a successful and profitable enterprise and capitalised on with a strong sale.

During his career, he has navigated several tech-centric organisations through challenging growth periods resulting in lucrative, highly efficient and scalable operations.

Blending entrepreneurial experience and technical expertise with natural tenacity, Andrew believes he has an innate ability to recognise promising business opportunities, particularly within the digital technology space. He has a high level of technical proficiency that spans across a variety of specialties, and a fundamental understanding of what it takes for a corporation to be successful.

His secret to success? The ability to make the hard choices and to travel the path less travelled.

The best thing about working at Arowana? The exposure to various industries and corporations has given me the ability to explore their use of technology (or lack thereof), allowing me to help implement changes to help them operate better. Overall, the range of operating companies that I have been exposed to has introduced a great range of challenges that I have embraced and has helped me learn and grow to be a better version of myself.


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