Sally Muckert

Operations and Sustainability Officer

Born and raised in regional Queensland, Sally completed a Bachelor of Arts, Communications and Public Relations at the Central Queensland University. Following post-university working holiday her career has spanned marketing, project management, and business support for community and communications organisations. Sally joined the Brisbane office of Arowana in 2018 and has held positions in Human Resources and Administrative Management. This base gave her a launch pad into the Sustainability sector. In 2022, she completed training to become a B Consultant, and now drives both re-certification and new B Corp certifications across the group. Sally is also the key person in project managing our groups’ tracking and reduction strategies for Carbon emissions. The secret to success? Tenacity and perseverance. The best part about working at Arowana? Two things, actually: Trust - at Arowana you are given permission to do what you do well. Arowana works on the premise that you are more than capable in your field, and they trust that you will do what you need to do to get the task done. Diversity - it's not just the workload that is varied and interesting, it's the other team members, the projects we collaborate on, and the companies that we work with.