We are our people – and our culture is to invest in our team so that they are empowered to transform companies and grow value for society, themselves, their families and others.

Our Culture

Arowana’s culture is built on our core values – we pursue growth and we do so with tenacity and humility as a team. We invest in companies to help them grow, but before that, we make sure to invest in our people: we believe that there is no endpoint to learning.

Central to our culture is an entrepreneurial spirit, where resilience, hard work, creativity and long-term commitment mean that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. We aim to build a dexterous team, equipped with strong analytical and engagement skills as well as fiscal and operational aptitude.

I'd say the most enjoyable and valuable experience I gained during my years as an executive at Arowana was the pace and quality of learning there. Every day presented opportunities to learn about different aspects of operating and investing in businesses – an experience that continues to be incredibly valuable in helping grow the startup business I'm now involved in. I'm proud to be an Arowana alumnus.”

Kent Kwan, former Arowana Executive Director, Co-founder Atlas Trend

Investing in Our People

At Arowana, we consider it of upmost importance that our people not only stay relevant but also have skills and experience that are future-proofed in order to be able to help our companies to scale up, not just now but sustainably. We continually invest in best-of-breed learning programmes, spanning leadership, technology, marketing, data science and finance, among other disciplines. On top of this, each of our team members gets allocated an online education budget each year for them to expand their knowledge base.

We want our people to be independent, outside-the-box thinkers, and in this regard, we encourage them to learn disciplines beyond their core competencies.

Arowana University

To help our team members boost their personal growth, we have Arowana University – the in-house learning and development arm of Arowana, which also serves as a learning and development support unit for our member companies.

When Arowana University introduced the Circle of Leadership, I was one of the original attendees only missing those when I was unable to travel. These are invaluable for personal improvement, team interaction and motivation.”

Kelly Alcorn, GM Thermoscan

Through Arowana University, we have engaged world-class speakers and subject-matter experts for our team to learn from and engage with. These include Boris Groysberg (Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School), Verne Harnish (Rockefeller Habits) and Tony Seba (Clean Disruption author and Stanford Professor).

We have sent team members out, to study such programmes as the Persuasion course, devised by world-leading expert Professor Cialdini; the Singularity University program in Silicon Valley; a 12-week introduction course to the Rockefeller Habits; the London Business School Essentials of Leadership programme; and the Columbia Business School Value Investing course in New York.

Our team members also get the opportunity to participate in exclusive development opportunities internationally. Most recently, we curated a Tech Tour of Silicon Valley that involved behind-the-scenes visits and meetings at Google, Apple, Singularity University, Tesla, Impossible Foods, Facebook and Microsoft. Other recent trips have included New York City and Ho Chi Minh City.

Careers at Arowana

We are always interested in hearing from interesting people – even if we haven’t posted a job. What we look for are people who embrace our values, like to operate with pace, power and precision, work best in a team and have a never-say-die entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are interested in being part of an authentically entrepreneurial environment (and its attendant ups and downs) as well as accelerating your learning and growth, why don’t you introduce yourself –