We are proud to be recognised for the 2nd straight year in the 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards

Businesses That We Operate

We have a strong track record of success in financing, operating, fixing and hyperscaling companies.


Alicorn is a fund investing in venture capital secondaries in top tier, tech-enabled companies. Alicorn was founded by Arowana in 2020 and is headquartered in London.

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Arowana Impact Capital

Arowana Impact Capital is Arowana’s impact investment vehicle. Arowana Impact Capital’s core thesis is to deliver equal measures of impact and return.

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Arowana Funds Management

The genesis of Arowana was an enterprise software business called RuleBurst Haley that we turned around and scaled globally before selling to Oracle in 2008.

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AWN Holdings

The listed entity of Arowana, AWN Holdings

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Sharp leadership, new efficiencies and successful acquisitions have carved out a strong place in the market for this growing vocational and professional education provider.

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Tembo e-LV was born out of a business in the Netherlands that focused on off road 4 wheel drive vehicle customisations for the mining, agricultural, humanitarian aid and game safari sectors.

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Decisive responses to unexpected challenges highlight the resiliency embedded in the DNA of this solar energy provider.

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