We are proud to be recognised for the 2nd straight year in the 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards


We invest in and operate enterprises that serve a real purpose – working directly with companies that have a positive impact on all stakeholders

Vocational and Professional Education

Arowana has a long history of buying and building companies in the education and training space.

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Venture Capital

The genesis of Arowana was a software business that we undertook a hyperturnaround and hyperscaling of, culminating in a sale to Oracle. As a consequence, we have always had strong capabilities in technology.

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Renewable Energy

Arowana started and scaled up a global business that developed, built and operated both ground mount and roof top solar systems in the United States and Australia.

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Impact Investing

At Arowana, we take our B Corp accreditation very seriously and launched an impact investing arm focused on the ASEAN region.

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Electric Vehicles

Arowana acquired and are scaling up an electric vehicle company that is focused on customized and ruggedized applications, servicing customers in the mining, infrastructure, utilities, municipality, police, defence, humanitarian aid and game safari industries globally.

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Asset Management

We have managed funds across a different range of strategies, including private equity, private credit and listed equities, delivering outperformance on all thus far.

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