Ethos & Strategy

We have a long-term commitment to building strong, sustainable businesses that will have a positive impact on economies, industries and the people they employ.

A "Hands On" Partnership

Our business model is simple: we directly invest in and operate small to medium-sized enterprises, working in partnership alongside entrepreneurs and leadership teams to provide the support that is essential to realising great success. We help our partners develop, grow and to overcome inevitable challenges along the way, never losing sight of the long term.



We are true partners. We find businesses that serve a real purpose within their industries and in society but need our support to manoeuvre into sustained growth. We are not passive investors who ‘hope for the best’, nor are we consultants who engage from the sidelines; we are hands-on operators. The Arowana team are always ready to roll up their sleeves and work alongside management teams, often during difficult inflection points to overcome any obstacle and develop creative solutions. We never give up.

We value and respect the entrepreneurial spirit – in fact, we live by it. We are unique in that we truly know what it means to start, scale up and operate businesses, because we count among our team those who have successfully done it.

Our perspective is distinctly global and cross-sector, from technology and finance, to leadership and data science, among many others. As a result, we can join the dots, exporting learnings from one industry to another.

We pair experience and instinct with rigorous, forensic research, and data analysis, allowing us to find opportunity for investment and operational value creation where others may not.

We understand that the work we do benefits more than the bottom line and we always consider the impact of our actions. Businesses are people; although we’re able to make hard choices, we do so responsibly. We want to see businesses and economies grow in a sustainable way and in doing so create value for our partners and ourselves.

I am grateful for the ongoing support we receive from team Arowana. Each one of you have been poised and ready to drop things and step in to help us. Having this kind of support will make such a big difference in how we shape EdventureCo, and set it up for success. We look forward to continuing to leverage your expertise as we build a platform for growth in the education portfolio.”

Sean Steele, CEO of EdventureCo

Experience gained with Arowana has allowed me to have my own company and see it grow at double digit growth.”

Michael Hokin, Director, Aevitas Group Limited

Partnering with Arowana was the best decision I have made for the business and my family.”

Peter Stahlhut, Co-founder of Evolution Traffic Control

Arowana introduced the Rockefeller Habits, and that made a huge difference to Thermoscan, streamlining our meetings, processes and strategy sessions - Execution is key in a high-volume business such as Thermoscan and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits / Scaling Up strategy helped maintain this.

Kelly Alcorn, GM Thermoscan

Our Core Values

At Arowana, we value humility, solidarity and tenacity. These guide our approach to how we invest, how we operate and how we recruit talent.

Humility means that we acknowledge that we do not know it all. The world of business is one based on imperfect information and rapidly changing sets of facts. Because of this, we consider hubris and dogma as dangerous. Instead, we are lifelong learners who seek to constantly grow our knowledge and enrich our experience.

Solidarity means that as a team, we have each other’s back. We know the power of a cohesive team, united and motivated by a common purpose. By fostering a transparent, collaborative and communicative culture, we ensure that knowledge, insights and experiences are shared. We work closely with one another, to help our team-mates succeed (and our investors gain).

Tenacity means that we never give up, ever. We know the realities of scaling up enterprises…it’s a non-linear journey of ups and downs. Persistence is the ultimate determinant of success. Our intention is to grow companies so that they last, building perseverance into their DNA and resilience into their modus operandi.