We are proud to be recognised for the 2nd straight year in the 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards

Track Record

Since inception, we have earned an industry leading track record financing, operating, fixing and scaling up small to medium sized enterprises.

The Arowana investment philosophy is underpinned by a belief that strong investment returns can be generated whilst maintaining a commitment to sustainability, an entrepreneurial resilience that comes from real life business building experience and a long term investment horizon. Our investment process is time-tested, data driven and forensic. We have demonstrated that this process is not influenced by populist thinking and we are comfortable being contrarian where appropriate. What is uncommon about Arowana is that where others would have given up on an investment, we have persisted and eventually delivered highly profitable returns. This is because our team comprises primarily of seasoned entrepreneurs and operators that have overcome a myriad of challenges to fix, build, scale up and successfully sell businesses.

Since inception not only have we delivered very strong returns but importantly have not realised any investment losses across our various companies or investment funds. We believe our genuinely entrepreneurial culture, focus and never-say-die resilience have been the primary drivers contributing to our results to date.

The Arowana team has bought, fixed, scaled up and exited businesses in sectors as diverse as enterprise software, road infrastructure services, education, power and electrical services, industrial testing, solar energy and asset management. In the process, we have created thousands of jobs and considerable economic value. As with any entrepreneurial journey, it has never been straight forward  and is never linear. We have encountered and had to overcome numerous challenges with every company we have been involved with, including some situations where both external and internal stakeholders considered it be a lost cause.

Today, our investment philosophy and process is guided by our commitment to a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. This is absolute and impacts every decision we make, including the sectors we will invest in and the type of people we hire.

Arowana introduced HRM to the Rockefeller Habits and it helped the teams to be galvanised around sales targets, attendance targets and launched a number of new projects to help grow the business. ”

Kavery Ayahsamy, HRM Finance Director & GM 2007 - 2015

Arowana introduced the Rockefeller Habits, and that made a huge difference to Thermoscan, streamlining our meetings, processes and strategy sessions - Execution is key in a high-volume business such as Thermoscan and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits / Scaling Up strategy helped maintain this."

Kelly Alcorn, GM Thermoscan

Case Studies

HRM Asia is a specialist human-resources events and media company based in Singapore that became the leader in its field in the Southeast Asia region during Arowana’s ownership

In 2004, Kevin Chin led a consortium that privatised the distressed SoftLaw Corporation Limited (later named RuleBurst) from being listed on the ASX, then helped drive a turnaround and exponential global scale up

Intueri Education Group was a New Zealand headquartered vocational education group that was established by Arowana in 2010 and scaled up to be the national leader by the time of its IPO in 2014

Acquired in 2013, Thermoscan grew from a Queensland-centred organisation to a national leader in its field across Australia

Managed by Arowana, the Contrarian Value Fund (CVF) was a listed investment company that commenced trading on the ASX in January 2015