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We grow people, companies and value.

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We have a strong track record of success in financing, operating and scaling up companies.

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We Grow Companies, People and Value

We Grow Companies, People and Value

We invest in and operate small to medium enterprises that serve a real purpose – working directly with companies that have a positive impact on all stakeholders.

We do not critique from the sidelines, nor do we disengage from the businesses we invest in. Instead, we tackle challenges alongside management teams, with an understanding that growth follows a non-linear trajectory.

Our Approach To Building Strong, Sustainable Businesses

We align ourselves, as partners, with enterprises that look to have a positive impact on economies, industries and the people they employ.

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Arowana completes  sale of Thermoscan to ARA Group

Arowana completes sale of Thermoscan to ARA Group

DDLS enters into JV with the Aboitiz Group in the Philippines

DDLS enters into JV with the Aboitiz Group in the Philippines

DDLS commences delivery of AWS accredited training

DDLS commences delivery of AWS accredited training

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As a leadership team, we value the fight in the trenches ‘navy seals’ modus operandi of the Arowana team who have always been ready to parachute in when needed and engage with us on a weekly basis. This is a refreshingly differentiated approach in contrast to the ‘seagull’ fly in monthly for board meetings engagement model of corporates and financial sponsors.

Sean Steele, CEO of EdventureCo

I experienced first-hand the dedication that Arowana had for the development of its people. The firm hosts a quarterly Circle of Leadership during which all portfolio companies and Arowana investment professionals share experiences, insights and best practices. The Arowana team was also taken to Silicon Valley to see what companies were getting up to over there. I was supported by and have learned a lot from the strong culture of mentorship within the organisation. In particular, during my time at Arowana I learnt a lot about the importance of resilience, humility and creative thinking as an investor.

Rahim Chunara, Former Arowana Investment Director & Vice President at BlackRock

Experience gained with Arowana has allowed me to have my own company and see it grow at double digit growth.

Michael Hokin, Director, Aevitas Group Limited

Arowana introduced the Rockefeller Habits, and that made a huge difference to Thermoscan, streamlining our meetings, processes and strategy sessions - Execution is key in a high-volume business such as Thermoscan and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits / Scaling Up strategy helped maintain this.

Kelly Alcorn, GM Thermoscan

Partnering with Arowana was the best decision I have made for the business and my family.

Peter Stahlhut, Co-founder of Evolution Traffic Control

Arowana introduced HRM to the Rockefeller Habits and it helped the various teams to be galvanised around sales targets, attendance targets and launched a number of new projects to help grow the business significantly.

Kavery Ayahsamy, Managing Director of HRM

Arowana has been instrumental in assisting to establish solid foundations for EdventureCo. They have provided sound support and made a material contribution in areas such as financial management and reporting, execution rhythm, staff recruitment and onboarding, M&A strategy and execution, market intelligence and research as well as technology applications.

Sean Steele, CEO of EdventureCo

I'd say the most enjoyable and valuable experience I gained during my years as an executive at Arowana was the pace and quality of learning there. Every day presented opportunities to learn about different aspects of operating and investing in businesses – an experience that continues to be incredibly valuable in helping grow the startup business I'm now involved in. I'm proud to be an Arowana alumnus.

Kent Kwan, Former Arowana Executive Director & Co-founder Atlas Trend