Venture Capital

The genesis of Arowana was our founder’s investment and subsequent transformation of a struggling Australian software company, which was rescued and then hyperscaled to become a global leader in its field in the space of just four years. That success led to the acquisition of the business by Oracle Corporation in November 2008. We have since maintained a keen focus on technology trends and companies globally.

Over the past decade, there has been a marked increase in companies staying private rather than seeking to go public via stock markets. As a result, investment returns have increasingly accrued to private market rather than public market investors. However, record inflows into venture capital funds have manifested in fierce competition, driving private market valuations higher, yet mandate constraints mean that most venture capital funds can only invest in primary capital.

We now operate a London-based venture capital arm, whose principal strategy is focussed on investing in secondaries of technology-enabled companies globally. This is in partnership with selected family office co-investors.
In addition, we have our own corporate ventures arm, where we start, build, and scale companies, often in conjunction with members of our advisory board.

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