Electric Vehicles

From our experience in the renewable energy sector, we established a sustainable energy solutions strategy to help companies globally to accelerate towards their net zero carbon goals. We are in particular focussed on helping companies in harder to decarbonise sectors like mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and utilities.  

A key element of the decarbonisation challenge for companies in these sectors is the electrification of one of their main sources of carbon emissions – vehicle and equipment fleet.  In order to have the capability to electrify such fleets, we acquired a company that specialises in providing EV conversion kits for off road,  ruggedised and customised applications – such as mining, infrastructure, utilities as well as for government, defence, police and humanitarian aid sectors.  We are in the process of hyper-scaling this company globally so as to be able to service customers from all over the world.

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July 2021

VivoPower signs distribution deal for Tembo with Bodiz in Mongolia

June 2021

VivoPower announces binding LOI with Toyota Australia

June 2021

VivoPower signs $120m distribution deal for Tembo with Access in Canada

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