Renewable Energy

Our commitment to growing profitable ventures which leave a positive impact on the environment motivated us to build a global business in the renewable energy sector. As most alternative energy businesses faced headwinds in the mid-2010s, we set off to build a solar-power company that placed sustainability at the heart of our mission. In the span of two years, we successfully hyperscaled this venture to just under $20m EBITDA profit before listing it on NASDAQ in December 2016.

With the increasing abundance of zero marginal cost renewable energy, our strategy has shifted from leveraging solar power simply as an alternative energy source, to focussing on how low cost solar power can be used to transform industries through power-to-x applications. 

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October 2021

Medium | Data Science Insights: Spatio temporal trends in carbon dioxide emissions (1970 to 2019)

October 2021

VivoPower’s Aevitas announces contract to complete electrical works for 119MW Hillston Solar Farm

October 2021

VivoPower International PLC wins international TMA Award for hyper-turnaround in 2020

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