Asset Management

We pair experience and instinct with forensic research and data analysis, enabling us to discover opportunities for investment where others may not.

Listed Investment Company

Arowana Contrarian Value Fund

The Arowana Australasian Contrarian Value Fund Limited (“Arowana CVF”) is an ASX listed investment company (LIC) (ASX ticker CVF) managing approximately A$85 million* of Australian and International listed securities.

Our investment objectives are simple; generate superior returns over the medium to long term, provide shareholders a rising stream of dividends, and grow Net Tangible Assets per share.

Our broad investment mandate allows Arowana CVF to invest principally in Australian & New Zealand securities but also International listed securities. In addition our flexible mandate allows us to hedge our portfolio.

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Private Funds

Arowana Australasian Special Situations Fund

The AASSF1 is an unlisted fund that includes a venture capital limited partnership. It has been established to allow investors to take advantage of significant opportunities to provide alternative funding to small and medium sized enterprises that are unable to obtain conventional financing, and where investments can be structured to limit downside, deliver favourable risk asymmetry and achieve IRRs in excess of 20% (incorporating annualised yields in excess of 8%).

The AASSF1 invests in non-controlling stakes in SME companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia that require investment capital but are unable to secure it from conventional sources. It does so by investing through structured securities that typically have both debt and equity features. Qualifying investments ideally have the following characteristics:

The fund achieved an IRR of 21%, is currently in harvest, and closed to new investments.