Entrepreneurship Insights: Dr. Tara Swart talks sustainable performance in leadership (Part III)

At Arowana, we consider it of upmost importance that our people not only stay relevant but also have skills and experience that are future-proofed to be able to help our companies to scale up, not just now but sustainably.

Dr Tara Swart is a member of our Advisory Board who is working with our team to optimise our mental resilience and agility.

We continually invest in best-of-breed learning programmes that cover leadership, technology, marketing, data science, and finance, among other disciplines. We want our people to be independent, outside-the-box thinkers, and in this regard, we encourage them to learn disciplines beyond their core competencies. We encourage our team to be curious and to be lifelong learners.

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Dr Tara Swart:

  • The really exciting piece of work that I'm doing with Arowana is building the mental resilience of the leadership team.
  • I'm also on the advisory panel so we're really hoping that the key factors around mental resilience will cascade throughout the organisation. These involve leveraging neuroplasticity which is the ability of your brain to change itself well into adulthood.
  • Simplicity is needed in this world of information overload where we have to work smarter, harder, but not burn out. These should allow the team to be more agile with their brains and to help the entire culture of the organisation move towards a growth mindset. Where people take risks, people are curious, and it not only future-proofs the organisation, but it leads to step changes in innovation.

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