Entrepreneurship Insights: Dr. Tara Swart talks neuroplasticity (Part IV)

At Arowana, we consider it of upmost importance that our people not only stay relevant but also have skills and experience that are future-proofed to be able to help our companies to scale up, not just now but sustainably.

Dr Tara Swart is a member of our Advisory Board who is working with our team to optimise our mental resilience and agility.

We continually invest in best-of-breed learning programmes that cover leadership, technology, marketing, data science, and finance, among other disciplines. We want our people to be independent, outside-the-box thinkers, and in this regard, we encourage them to learn disciplines beyond their core competencies. We encourage our team to be curious and to be lifelong learners.

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Dr Tara Swart:

  • Evidence from brain scanning shows that our brains change much more between the age of 25 and 65 than we ever thought before.
  • This has huge implications for adult learning and sustainable behaviour change all the way up to leadership level.
  • Neuroplasticity involves taking on new learning that's attention intense enough to change your brain. Unfortunately, Sudoku and crosswords aren't enough.
  • The best things that you can do in adulthood to change your brain are learn a new language or take up a musical instrument.
  • At Arowana, we will be taking on the sorts of activities that make you a great leader, that move the company forward, and some of this may involve new learning, or it just may involve more attention to things that you're already doing well.

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