Michael Hui

Born in Brisbane, Michael holds Information Technology and Law degrees, and brings a unique background to Arowana. During his career, he has accumulated a broad range of experiences across investing in and operating businesses. Before joining Arowana, Michael was co-founder and CEO of an online payments business, and prior to that, spent more than 10 […]
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Education Insights: impact of COVID-19 on vocational education (Part II)

The global education system was not designed to deal with extended shutdowns like those imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents have worked hard to keep learning alive. While the rapid transition many have achieved from face-to-face to an online environment is admirable, the reality is that these efforts are not likely to provide the quality of education that’s delivered in the classroom.

In this Education Data & Insights presentation, we look at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across multiple sectors of the education industry. From K-12 to higher education and corporate learning, the education sector has never had to confront a challenge as wide and deep as that posed by the health crisis’s effects.

As some countries start to ease lockdowns and a sense of normalcy starts to return, it will be intriguing to see which short-term changes become part of the longer-term landscape.

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