Arowana Impact Capital Joins 2X Global to Advance Gender Equality and Diversity in Impact Investing

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Arowana Impact Capital (AIC), the impact investing arm of award-winning B Corp global investment firm Arowana, today joins the world’s leading alliance of investors, capital providers, and intermediaries focussed on investing with a gender and broader diversity & equity lens – 2X Global.

The partnership further strengthens AIC’s commitment to delivering sustainable impact and is in recognition of its view that promoting gender equality, especially in emerging markets, has a powerful multiplier effect. As a member of 2X Global, AIC stands in solidarity with other leaders in the global finance industry in unlocking gender-smart capital for businesses that aim to empower women and their communities.

Established in 2018, 2X Global has helped catalyse billions of dollars in gender-smart investments and opportunities worldwide. The 2X Challenge – a flagship initiative of 2X Global – raised US$16.3bn in gender lens investments between 2021 and 2022, surpassing its target of US$15bn and benefitting over 470 businesses geared towards women’s economic empowerment across developing economies. Moreover, the initiative has also raised over $27.7bn since its launch at the G7 Summit in 2018.

Gender lens investments aim to empower women by providing them with better opportunities for entrepreneurship, leadership roles, quality employment, improved financial health, and access to gender-smart products and services. This approach works to enhance women’s economic participation and create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Jessica Espinoza, CEO, 2X Global, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Arowana, a distinguished global B Corp, as a valued member of the 2X Global family. This partnership strengthens our collective effort to unlock opportunities, amplify women’s economic participation and foster an inclusive growth ecosystem across Asia. With Arowana Impact Capital by our side, we are poised to accelerate our mission and make an even greater impact on gender lens investing. Together we build a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.”

Kevin Chin, Founder and Chairman, Arowana Impact Capital, said: “Since a field trip to Cambodia in 2006, I have seen first-hand, time and time again, the transformative and multiplicative power of female entrepreneurship at a grassroots level across the ASEAN region. We are very pleased to now be joining forces and partnering with 2X Global in empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting diversity in the business world.

“With 2X Global, we are fortunate to be working closely with an inspiring network of like-minded leaders in the global gender finance industry. By unlocking gender-smart capital, 2X Global can help fuel the growth and success of businesses that champion women’s economic empowerment. This collaboration allows us to amplify our impact and make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and their communities especially in emerging markets.”

About 2X Global

2X Global is a global membership and field-building organisation for investors, capital providers, and intermediaries working in public and private markets, across both developed and emerging economies. By working together with the full spectrum of investors, capital providers, mobilisers, and influencers, we shape the market on a whole new level, ultimately transforming systems of finance through the gender-smart deployment of capital across asset classes and markets.

About Arowana Impact Capital

Launched in 2019, Arowana Impact Capital focusses on impact investing in Southeast Asia. AIC’s core purpose is to help build people, build companies, and build value through sustainable investment practices across the ASEAN region.

In focussing on the four key areas of livelihood creation, access to education and healthcare, sustainable urbanisation, and financial inclusion, AIC is helping to contribute towards the successful achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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