Alicorn Global Ventures

Formally established in early 2020 by Arowana, Alicorn Global Ventures is a London headquartered venture capital group that applies a unique investment strategy focused on secondaries in top tier tech enabled companies, coupled with bespoke primary rounds.

Technology literacy has always been part of Arowana’s DNA given its genesis from the sale of an enterprise software company called RuleBurst Haley to Oracle. As a consequence, our founder has always been an investor in technology opportunities over the years. Alicorn was formally established to accept co-investor capital in early 2020 after successful investments in secondaries of leading tech enabled businesses by the founding team of Alicorn, including Kevin Chin.

Today, the Alicorn team and venture advisors are located across the UK, Israel, Singapore, USA, Europe and Australia providing a global perspective on technology trends as well as access to proprietary investment opportunities. Because it is one of a very few venture capital firms that invests in secondaries, Alicorn works closely with companies and their founders to provide liquidity solutions for their team members.

Alicorn typically invests at late stage growth, usually Series C+, and past key business and technology risks. Investments range between US$5m to US$20m in company led secondaries and unique primary rounds.

Alicorn has invested over US$35m to date across 6 companies operating across a different range of sectors and countries including Israel, London and the United States.

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July 2021

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June 2021

Alicorn-backed Glassbox lists on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

May 2021

Alicorn invests US$4m into data storage group, Pliops

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Alicorn invests US$4m into Pliops
Alicorn portfolio company GlassBox Digital IPO
Alicorn co-invests US$10m into Mocha Global
Alicorn invests US$4m into Codefresh
Alicorn invests US$3m in Anodot
Alicorn completes US$6m investment in Glassbox Digital
Arowana formally launches Alicorn