Prof. Hugh Durrant-Whyte

Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte is an expert in robotics, automation, machine, and deep learning as well as data science. He is one of the early pioneers of simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), and led the Rio Tinto Centre for Mining Automation, helping implement autonomous mining trucks used by Rio Tinto.

During his career, Hugh has worked with many major companies such as Telstra, Patrick Stevedores, and BAE Systems, to implement and deliver robotics and machine learning technology. He has published more than 350 research papers, graduated more than 70 PhD students, and won numerous awards for his work.

In 1995, Hugh was appointed Director of the Australian Centre for Field Robots (ACFR) and was a Professor of Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney for five years. From 2002 to 2010, he was the Research Director at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems (CAS). He also undertook the CEO role at National ICT Australia (NICTA) from 2011 to 2014. In 2017, Hugh was named Chief Scientific Advisor for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

In May 2018, Hugh relocated back to Sydney and was appointed NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer.