Alexis Ang

Technical Support Engineer

Alexis Ang is one of our Technical Support Engineers providing IT and infrastructure management for the company and its operating entities.

A graduate of the Technological University of the Philippines, Alexis earned her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in 2019.

Alexis received her start in the IT industry at TechnoKids Philippines, serving as Curriculum Support Officer. She was responsible for conducting trainings and seminars on programming languages, as well as different applications and platforms related to ICT. She also managed the company’s Learning Management System.

Alexis considers herself as a brave, confident, and self-motivated person. She is proud of being able to carve out her own path and follow her dreams. To her, life is about doing the best that you can do and not worrying about the expectations of other people.

The secret to success? It is about choosing the best path for yourself and staying the course no matter what happens. She believes that the struggles and failures in life are mere steppingstones on the way to success.

The best part about working at Arowana? It allows her to continue learning, especially in relation to technology, IT infrastructure, and security.