Kevin Chin

Born in Brunei, Kevin is an impact-focussed entrepreneur who has successfully started, bought, built, fixed, scaled up, and sold businesses across a range of industries—including software, education, funds management, media, road infrastructure services, solar power, and electric vehicles. He has exited multiple businesses and successfully led five IPOs across the NASDAQ, ASX, and NZX exchanges […]
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Entrepreneurship Insights: Dr Tara Swart talks about the 4 brain superpowers for successful (Part I)

The team at Arowana have been working with Advisory Board member, Dr Tara Swart, a Neuroscientist and Leadership coach over the past week. Our diets have been recorded and our heart rates monitored with the aim of helping us achieve peak brain performance and mental resilience. With a mantra for lifelong learning, this is just one of the ways we help our people grow and future-proof our team and businesses.

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June 2022

The Circular Economy Must Be Inclusive to Succeed

February 2022

A insider look into cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and the various facets of blockchain technology in diverse real-world scenarios

November 2021

COP26 | Week 2 in Summary: Greater Focus on Emissions

November 2021

COP 26 | Week 1 in Summary: The 6 Big Initiatives

October 2021

Medium | Data Science Insights: Spatio-temporal trends in the propagation and capacity of hydrogen projects

October 2021

Medium | Data Science Insights: Spatio-temporal trends in carbon dioxide emissions (1970 to 2019)

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