Michael Hui

Born in Brisbane, Michael holds Information Technology and Law degrees, and brings a unique background to Arowana. During his career, he has accumulated a broad range of experiences across investing in and operating businesses. Before joining Arowana, Michael was co-founder and CEO of an online payments business, and prior to that, spent more than 10 […]
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Summary of global government measures to counter-act COVID-19 economic impact (Part II)

COVID-19 has changed the business landscape globally. As measures of inter-country lockdowns, local border closures, self-isolation, and social distancing and are announced, businesses and industries are bracing for the full impact to unfold. Amongst the measures taken to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, governments across the world have announced stimulus packages to counteract the negative economic impact on business and ensure that businesses of all sizes can continue to operate and continue to employ.

The list is a work in progress, continually evolving as more governments announce assistance packages. The list should be used as a guideline, and any business seeking to rely on the information should first review the official announcements and discuss the initiatives with their advisers.

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