We are proud to be recognised for the 2nd straight year in the 2021 Real Leaders Impact Awards

Asset Management

Our mission at Arowana isn’t simply to raise more capital in sectors where funding support is already easily accessible to entrepreneurs. What drives us is our mission to empower businesses by raising performance, especially in sectors where there is untapped potential yet where the demand for capital exceeds the supply of capital. We have no hesitation in closing up a fund or strategy if this fundamental demand-and-supply dynamic changes.

We have managed funds across a range of strategies, including private equity, private credit and listed equities, delivering outperformance on all thus far. When we started, we had limited partners who were family offices and sophisticated institutions, primarily out of Switzerland, Asia and, to a lesser extent, Australia. We took on retail investor money in Australia for several years but are now returning to focus on family offices and selected institutions with the same values and investment time frame as we do.

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