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December 2020

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Education Data & Insights – Edtech Adoption

As we explored in our last instalment of Education Data & Insights, the education sector has never had to confront a challenge as wide and deep as the COVID-19 pandemic. As some countries reinstitute lockdowns and school closures, others are starting to focus on the long-term landscape.

In this report, we examine a Citi Research report on edtech across the education industry. We assess the industry’s adoption of edtech and online learning, and the potential impact of the pandemic on future use.

We can say firsthand that at EdventureCo, the pandemic has accelerated both our adoption of edtech and the digitisation of our businesses. Just as digital classroom initiatives will continue to have a place in the classroom long past COVID-19, we expect the impact across the industry to have lasting effects well beyond the end of the crisis.

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Education Data & Insights – COVID-19

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