Kevin Chin

Born in Brunei, Kevin is an impact focussed entrepreneur who has succcessfully started, bought, built, fixed, scaled up and sold businesses across a range of industries – including software, education, funds management, media, road infrastructure services, solar power and electric vehicles. He has exited multiple businesses and successfully led 5 IPOs across the NASDAQ, ASX […]
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April 2021

VivoPower is powering the shift to net zero carbon

Energy underlies the entire fabric of society and the global economy. It's the basis of everything we do, everything we produce. However, we also know now the major side effects of this carbon-hungry economic growth that we've had.

The most pressing issue the world faces this decade is the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy. To drive exponential growth in sustainable energy use, first there has to be political will globally. The good news is that, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world have committed to a sustained focus on creating net zero carbon economies.

However, political commitments will only take us so far and are not enough and not sustainable in their own rights.

VivoPower: Developing turnkey energy solutions

Our mission at VivoPower is to provide accessible solutions to corporates to accelerate their own decarbonisation. We are part of a new generation of B Corps acting as a catalyst for change, marrying the needs to decarbonise our future with solutions that fit current economic realities. We take a total solutions approach to the problems that companies are looking to address.

VivoPower has been architected from the ground up as a practical, effective, end-to-end decarbonisation solution for corporates. Over the years, we've assembled the components that a sustainable energy solution requires. From a base of solar power projects and equipment, we're now a single turnkey supplier of all sustainable energy hardware and infrastructure, including our Tembo electric vehicles.

Our integration takes sustainable energy solutions out of the early adoptive phase. Without VivoPower's integrated solutions, the complexity of putting together sustainable energy components into an effective and economic solution would still somewhat hinder corporates from addressing energy challenges.

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October 2021

Medium | Data Science Insights: Spatio temporal trends in carbon dioxide emissions (1970 to 2019)

October 2021

VivoPower International PLC Announces Contract to Complete Electrical Works for 119MWdc Hillston Solar Farm

October 2021

VivoPower International PLC wins international TMA Award for hyper-turnaround in 2020

October 2021

Medium | Data Science Insights: Quantifying non fungible token (NFT) energy costs via simulation

October 2021

VivoPower announces 50+ country distribution deal for Tembo with GHH Group

August 2021

VivoPower announces rebrand and Power-to-X strategy for U.S. solar business

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