July 2022

How to invest in carbon capture and storage in the quest for net zero emissions

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a promising technology to getting the world to net-zero emissions. But what does it mean for investors?

Markets are increasingly betting that CCS will be an important part of the global net-zero transition, but investors must carefully consider the long-term risks and opportunities associated with CCS technology.

It's one thing to store carbon, and a whole other ball game to make use of it sustainably. Arowana's Santiago Tenorio-Garcés shared his perspective with MoneyWeek on the relevance of CCS, particularly for the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate industrial sectors like cement and steel production, highlighting the opportunities ahead from an innovation and project viability perspective “when firms find ways to use the carbon extracted, rather than just store it”.

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Find out more about CCS technologies in "How to invest in carbon capture and storage in the quest for net-zero emissions" in the latest edition of MoneyWeek.

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