Vocational and Professional Education

There has never been a time where skills shortages have been so pronounced, whilst workforces globally have never been more academically educated. Digital transformation has sparked an acceleration of demand for a future-ready workforce with relevant skills – and we have a mission to help organisations and individuals stay on the forefront of this long term secular trend. 

With a history of acquiring and innovating companies in the education and training space, we have made it our mission to equip learners with skills that will future-proof their careers.

Our knowledge of the opportunities, challenges, pitfalls and technological developments impacting education is deep given our long history of building education companies. We built the largest private vocational education group in New Zealand, leading it through a turnaround, hyperscale and exited via an initial public offering.  

Since then, we have embarked on building a vocational and professional education and training (VPET) group with an ambition to build it into a global business.  In this regard, we currently own and operate a number of VPET businesses, including the largest IT and Digital Skills training company in Australasia, which we are scaling up and expanding across South East Asia and beyond. In addition, we have other VPET divisions, including a global negotiations skills training company and an Australian building and construction skills training arm. Collectively, our VPET businesses train over 20,000 students per annum and have upskilled and reskilled almost 200,000 people.

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June 2017

Everthought Education steps in to support Careers Australia students

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