Established by Arowana in 2017, EdventureCo has scaled rapidly to become a leading vocational and professional education and training (VPET) group with operations across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. It includes established and reputable college VPET brands in white-collar and blue-collar fields such as information technology and digital skills, negotiation training as well as building and construction. EdventureCo has trained just under 200,000 graduates over the last 25 years, providing them with skills and qualifications to commence their careers, upskill, or reskill.

EdventureCo’s mission is to equip students with relevant skills in a fast-changing world where jobs will be increasingly displaced by automation and robotics. In doing so, we help employers solve the problem of not being able to find suitably skilled employees. EdventureCo today has campuses across Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand. These are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Cannington, Brisbane, Salisbury, Canberra, Adelaide, Manila, Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. In addition, there are full online digital course delivery capabilities and offices in Singapore and Albury.

In an increasingly automated world, lifelong learning is essential. At EdventureCo, we help students on this journey.


Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and Digital Skills

EdventureCo is the largest information and communications technology (ICT) and Digital Skills training provider in Australasia, owning and operating both DDLS (Australia) and Auldhouse (NZ) respectively. Through partnerships with leading global ICT vendors such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, EdventureCo delivers Australasia’s most extensive public ICT course schedule. These courses are internationally recognised and tailored to the needs of medium-to-large private and public organisations including bespoke in-house developed courses, group delivery on-premises, and consulting services.

In partnership with Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) in the Philippines, EdventureCo has launched DDLS Philippines with one campus in Manila as well as online delivery capabilities.

EdventureCo also incubated and is hyperscaling the Australian Institute of ICT, an online education arm delivering courses in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Take a 3D tour of our DDLS campus in Sydney.

Take a 3D tour of one of our DDLS Sydney campus

Building & Construction Skills

EdventureCo established and operates Everthought Education, which has become a leading private blue-collar vocational education group that delivers nationally recognised building and construction courses to international and Australian students.

Delivering training for a wide range of trades such as carpentry, bricklaying, and tiling, Everthought provides apprenticeships to both domestic and international students. For more experienced students, Everthought has industry-relevant building and construction management courses that provide the skills necessary to increase their opportunities and even start their own businesses.

Negotiations Soft Skills

EdventureCo acquired ENS International, a global leader in virtual and face-to-face negotiation advice, support, and training to provide a platform to build out its soft skills offering. Across over 70 countries, ENSI has established a reputation as a trusted negotiation partner for some of the world’s largest organisations, including PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas, and Woolworths. It provides tailored courses such as finance, healthcare, and retail to both the public and private sectors. ENSI courses explore negotiation strategies by analysing real-world situations and using interpersonal persuasion techniques.

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Key Information

Asia Pacific




DDLS acquires Auldhouse (NZ)
DDLS opens first dedicated training facility in the Philippines

New Horizons Worldwide partners with DDLS

DDLS and Open Colleges partner to boost ICT training

EdventureCo acquires ENS International to its growing education platform
DDLS commences deliver of Amazon Web Services accredited training

DDLS enters in JV with the Aboitiz Group in the Philippines

DDLS launches Australian Institute of ICT
DDLS becomes Australia’s first Microsoft Gold Learning and Gold Cloud partner

DDLS completes a rigorous on boarding and assessment process to become Australia’s only national 'Google Cloud Authorised Training Partner'

DDLS recognised as a global top provider of Cybersecurity training by EC-Council
Acquisition of Careers Australia Institute of Training assets from the administrators of the Careers Australia group

Acquisition of DDLS Australia (founded in 1992), Australia’s largest information and communications technology training business
Acquisition of Keystone Training (founded in 2011)

Acquisition of Evolution Academy in Perth (founded in 1997)