Christopher Kehoe

Portfolio Manager

Christopher Kehoe has over 30 years’ experience and track record as a value investor in global equities. He was formerly the deputy CIO of Van Bieme Value Funds and has extensive experience in global asset manager research, investment due diligence, and portfolio management across various asset classes including global equities, hedge funds, and private equity. Over the past decade, he has developed a particular expertise in sourcing and evaluating emerging managers in long-only and long-biased equity strategies.

During his career, Chris has cultivated a broad network of relationships with emerging managers and investors from around the globe, including family offices, private wealth managers, and institutional investors. He has travelled abroad extensively— particularly to Asia—to meet with both managers and portfolio companies as part of his due diligence process.

Chris is the Founder and Chair of the Value Investing Committee and co-founder of the Private Wealth Management Committee of the CFA Society of New York.