Asset Management

We have managed funds across a range of strategies, including private equity, private credit, listed equities, and venture capital, delivering outperformance on all thus far. When we started, we had a select range of partners that were family offices and sophisticated institutions primarily out of Switzerland, Asia, and to a lesser extent, Australia. We did take on retail investor money in Australia for several years but are now returning to focus on family offices and preferred institutions who share the same values and investment horizon as we do.

Our asset management business operates with an unorthodox ethos—our mission at Arowana isn’t solely to raise more capital and increase funds under management, nor is it to stick to one particular investment strategy. Rather, we are increasingly dedicated to investment outperformance, especially as the largest investor cohort in any fund vehicle we launch will typically be our principals and team. Our strategy is to have the same investment agility of first-generation family offices. We will typically only establish funds in sectors where the demand for capital exceeds the supply, meaning a greater probability of investment outperformance. We will not hesitate to close a fund or strategy if this fundamental demand-and-supply dynamic changes.

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